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Brad's All-Nighter Classifications Posted Online
June 15th 2018 -

Begins at 11.59pm Friday June 15th. 

250.00 entry fee 

12.00 gate to enter. 

Men's Divisions 

all players legal 

2 hr-dhh-outs 
2 d players 

1 hr-outs-dhh 
2 men's E players 


All Players legal 
4 hr-outs- 

1 Hr-outs 

2 Men's D players...... 

1 hr-outs 
3 men's E players 
No women's C players 

2 hr-outs 
This will start at 6-8am sat 
There could be gaps between games 
open paper roster 

All divisions can be a paper roster, you can use your online roster and write in 4 players,You must bring that with you when you check in. The paper roster fee is 15.00. 

Your classification is where you are currently classified the day of the tournament on usssa or you are not on a tournament team this year, you are classed by where you played last. 

All you players and teams who have had issues getting players online with the new system, you will be classed where you were last.THIS MIGHT BE A GOOD TIME TO CLEAN THIS UP.Please note I can not do this for you, I can only add players.You all have had plenty of time to get it done.If you are still having issues, you can contact the natl Office, they can fix the technical issues.It does sometimes take 24 hours for the code, etc to be sent... 

Players can play on multiple teams, just not in the same division.Must be legal on all teams. 

We do reserve the right to put any team where we fell they can compete, regardless of the rules above.... 

Prize pack for all divisions based upon 10 teams entered per division: 

1st Place 
Hoodies and 400.00 

Long sleeve tees and 200.00 

Hoodies and 300.00 
Need 5 to run this,do not need 10 teams to guarantee the prize.... 

We also reserve the right to modify these rules at anytime, once the tournament starts, this post is the official rules.. 

All divisions are byob legal usssa/gsl ball. 
Co-ed is big/little ball 

Absolutely no bottles are to be brought into the park-you may be ejected from the park if caught anywhere with a bottle. 

Anyone caught taking conference balls-will be ejected from the park..If you pick one up please throw it back into the field. 

To enter: 

Call 317-784-7447 
You can also enter on this link, if sanctioned: 

Some divisions maybe combined.

ISP's 2019 USSSA Baseball schedule has been released, click HERE to view.  Over 250 teams already registered for events.