Indianapolis Sports Park

Cornhole Rules

  1. Boards are placed 33 ft. apart from center of holes.  The foul line extends from the front of the boards.  Players must stand on the same side of the board the entire game and facing their partner. (during a singles match you must alternate sides each inning).
  2. Each contestant may throw a maximum of four practice throws before the game begins.
  3. To determine first throw, whom to throw against, or from which side to throw, a coin is tossed.  The winner of the coin toss chooses between who to throw against, from which side to throw or whether to throw first.  If more than one game is being played then the honor rotates.
  4. Contestants alternate pitching corn bags with the other team until each contestant has thrown the four same colored bags for their team to the opposite board; this is referred to as an inning
  5. The team who scored in the preceding inning shall pitch first in the next inning.  If neither team scored, the team that scored last keeps honors and continues to throw first until the other team scores.
  6. A foul occurs: if a player throws out of turn, if a player makes contact or crosses the foul line with his/her foot before the bag is released, if the corn bag contacted the ground before coming to rest on the cornhole platform, if the corn bag is in contact with the ground after coming to rest on the cornhole platform, and if the corn bag comes in contact with anything prior to landing on the platform.
  7. In the event of a foul the corn bag is declared a foul corn bag and is removed from the court prior to resuming play.
  8. No contestant shall make disturbing noises or movements that would distract the opponent or competitors on adjacent courts; nor shall he/she bump or kick the board.
  9. A corn bag thrown in-the-hole, knocked in by another player, or by an act of God has a value of three points.  A corn bag that rest fully or partially on the platform w/o coming in contact with an object or the ground has a value of one point.
  10. Knocking an opponent’s bag off the board with your bag is legal.
  11. Cancellation scoring is used in cornhole.  Once all eight bags have been thrown (four for each team) scoring is calculated for each team.  The lesser score is subtracted from the greater score of the two teams, resulting in the points for the greater scored team for that inning.  Only one team can score each inning.
  12. The first team to reach or exceed 21 points after an inning is declared the winner of the game.  There is no skunk rule or win by amount.
  13. All rule questions will be directed to the league/tournament director.  All decisions by the league/tournament director are final.