Indianapolis Sports Park


Q. How many participants are on a cornhole team?

A. For doubles tournaments and leagues there are 2 participants per team.  For singles tournaments and leagues there is 1 participant per team.  No substitutions are permitted during tournaments.  You may have substitutes during leagues.  You may only participate on 1 team per tournament or league.
Q. What is the difference between competitive and recreational divisions?
A. Teams in the competitive division have experience (ACO Players, ICC Top Dog, etc.) and/or average at least 1 bag-in-hole per 4 bags thrown with the other 3 bags on the board.  If a team wins the recreational league they must play in the competitive league their next league.  If a team wins three total recreational leagues they must play in the competitive league moving forward.  A competitive team that unintentionally finishes below .333 may play in the next recreational league.

Q. How many games should I expect to play?

A. Doubles tournaments are a 6 game guarantee and double elimination. You will play at least 6 games, possibly many more and will have to lose 2 games before being eliminated. Singles tournaments are double elimination.  During leagues you will play double headers for 10 weeks-6 games total per week.


Q. Will there be time to practice before the event?  Can I register the day of the event?  If I'm pre-registered what time do I need to arrive to check-in?

A. Gates will open no later than 11:00 pm with courts ready for practice. Please be checked-in or registered by 11:30 pm for singles and 2:30pm for doubles.  The singles tourney begins at 12:00 pm, the doubles at 3:00 pm.  During leagues the courts will be ready for practice no later than 6:30 pm with play beginning at 7:00 pm.


Q. Who supplies the equipment?  Boards, Bags, etc.

A.  Indianapolis Sports Park will supply all necessary equipment.  You only need to bring a lawn chair and sunglasses.  Our cornhole boards are made according to ACA standards.  Our cornhole bags are Stick n' Slide Cornhole Bags.  Our events are played outdoors on sod with the exception of the winter leagues and indoor tournaments.


Q.  What are the prizes?

A. At least first, second, and third place prizes will be given for all divisions of tournaments.  First place prizes are given for leagues for all divisons.  First place trophies are provided for leagues.


Q.  Will there be breaks?  What is there to do during the breaks?

A. There will be food, drink, and alcohol sales between games.  Participants and spectators are asked not to bring personal food, drinks, grills, pets, or coolers into the park. 


Q.  Where is Indianapolis Sports Park?

A. 6701 South Harding Street, Indianapolis, IN 46217


Q.  What rules are being played by?  Who keeps the score?

A.  Rules will be given to each participant at check-in and can be found by clicking here.  Participates will keep score on a scoretower from that ISP will provide.