Indianapolis Sports Park

Game Procedures

1. Arrive at park 15 minutes prior to game time. If you are going to be later than 15 minutes prior to game time, call the park to let the manager on duty know.
2. Review your evening game assignments.
3. Secure controls for scoreboards and take the field to set up
4. Take the appropriate game balls to the field or check the balls if it’s a “bring your own ball” tournaments.
5. Be on the field 5 minutes prior to game time to cover ground rules with teams. Be sure to instruct teams to ‘hustle’ on and off the field in order to keep games on time.
6. After the game is complete, make sure the winning coach signs the scorecard.
7. At the end of the night or your assignment, lock the scoreboard cabinet, pick up any trash you may have left behind, return your score card to the Park Director and sign umpire voucher.