Indianapolis Sports Park

Uniform Requirements

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SLOW PITCH umpires will be required to wear the following at ISP:
  • NSA approved cap is the only approved cap in 2013. Alternatively, no cap is required when umpiring a league game.
  • NSA approved Shirt or NSA Jacket. Umpires may utilize any black, white or grey jacket with white, grey or black lettering as an alternative to the NSA Jacket. A plain white, grey or black jacket with no lettering is acceptable.
  • NSA approved Shorts with White or Black Socks. Umpires may utilized the Dickie black shorts as an alternative to NSA shorts.
  • Black Polyester pants with black socks. Note: Black jeans or sweat pants are NOT permitted.
  • Black belt with silver buckle
  • Black shoes. Some white on the shoe will be permitted but white shoes are NOT permitted.
FAST PITCH will utilized the same equipment with the following exceptions:
  • Shorts are NOT permitted.
  • Heather Gray or Charcoal Grey pants
  • NSA Ball bag
USSSA Baseball apparel will utilize the IHSAA uniforms.
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