Facility Rental


Facility Rental Information

Add information that is related to renting the ISP facility.

  1. Paperwork Required
    1. ISP Roster/Waiver Form
    2. Proof of Insurance
    3. List of parents, coaches and players names
  2. Field Maintenance:
    1. Games – field will be lined and prepared
    2. Practices – safety maintenance only such as fences checked, bases pushed down, etc. Fields will not be lined.
    3. Portable Mound – included
  3. Admission Fee:
    1. Games – All spectators, including parents, pay $3.00 per person. 3 coaches and all players get in free.
    2. Practices – 3 coaches, players and parents get in free. Coaches must provide us with a list of parent’s names and their child’s name before their practices start. Parents will then have to sign in at the gate when they arrive. This will replace doing any passes.
  4. Rain Policy:
    1. If a game is rained out, the full rental fee will be refunded if we cannot reschedule the game. If a game is delayed in the middle due to rain, and the park has to redo the field due to rain, there will be a $30 charge for diamond dry and labor. The grounds crew will only reprep the field if the coaches decide to do so.
  5. Park Rules to Note:
    1. No pets allowed in facility.
    2. No coolers, outside food, drinks or alcohol allowed to be brought into the park. Each team is allowed one (1) water jug.


Kory Scaring | Director