Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

7U/8U: $950
9U/10U/11U/12U: $1100
13U/14U: $1200
15U/16U/17U: $1300

$220 deposit is required to accept / secure your roster spot (if selected and invited to join a team). The remaining balance is paid in 3 equal payments.

Are there any other costs outside the fees listed?

We are a one-price / all-in type of organization (including uniforms – the best value in Central Indiana :).  $30 Try-out plus $220 deposit to secure/accept your roster spot invite, and then 3 equal payments of the remaining balance, total due no later than January 1st. There are optional items available for purchase such as team gear (backpacks, batting gloves, bats, gloves etc.) and we offer an amazing line of spiritwear each year.​

Where do you practice?

Our primary practice facility is the all-new… Orange Fields at The Mill located at 1399 Greenfield Ave. Noblesville, IN 46060. There are other locations that are utilized from time to time by various coaches throughout Hamilton County.

What’s the time commitment?

Orange Baseball prides itself in focusing on a family-friendly travel baseball experience… we say… “travel baseball without giving up your family time.” Our teams typically begin winter workouts in January for 10 weeks. Once the weather changes and we are able to get outside, most teams will practice 2x per week early in the season and 1x per week with a weekend tournament. We focus on a 30-35 game season (weather permitting) from late April through early July.

Where do you travel to?

There is plenty of baseball in central Indiana and we encourage our teams to play locally for the vast majority of the season. However, most teams will integrate one out-of-town tourney into their schedule. Each coach will work with their coaching staff to find the best tournament fit for their team.

How many players are on the teams?

Typically we have 11 or 12 players on a team. Older teams may carry an additional 1 to 2 players as “pitcher only.”

Do you know who the coaches will be by age group?

Coaches are typically announced with team announcements in early August. We have talented coaches that return to our program every year and have some years (including 2023!) that will have new coaches coming to our program. We have an application process for our coaches and take pride in selecting coaches that believe in the same principles/codes of conduct that we do.

When does the season start/end?

Our season begins in late April and will end in mid July.

How many tournaments do you play in?

Most teams play in 6 to 7 tourneys and a total of 30 to 35 games.

Where’s the furthest you travel?

Most teams will travel to one out of town tourney per season. Some of the 2022 destinations included: Cincinnati, Lexington, KY, Columbus, IN.

Can I get a private tryout?

Quick answer: We don’t have alternate dates planned outside our scheduled dates. If we have coaches who want to explore more talent outside of those dates, we’ll leave that up to them. Please feel free to contact to see if we have coaches who want to see more players.

When we will know if we’ve made the team?

We will announce 2023 rosters by the first week in August. Players invited to join a team will receive an EMAIL and will need to pay their $220 deposit within 24 hours to secure their spot.

Can I just show up for tryouts?

We need all players to pre-register so we can plan our day/flow accordingly. Please register online before you arrive. As a reminder, the $30 registration fee is non-refundable but will be added to your account if your player makes the team.