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Indianapolis Sports Park umpires are required to sanction with USSSA and know the USSSA softball rules

Indianapolis Sports Park hosts their annual umpire meeting on _____. The meeting will be held in the upstairs lounge at ISP, located at 6701 S. Harding St. During the meeting, staff will discuss uniforms, rules, requirements, and more related to the umpire position. Food will also be provided. Please RSVP by calling 317-784-7447.

There will also be a Rookie camp on a date to be announced at ISP. Any new umpires who do not have USSSA umpire experience WILL BE REQUIRED to attend this clinic or will be required to train with Todd (UIC) before being scheduled.

Umpire-In-Chief, Todd Schultheis, is certified as an NSA, ASA, USSSA, and IHSAA umpire and leads as chief umpire for league play umpires and during all local tournaments at ISP. Please email Todd at for questions. Todd will also be the USSSA Baseball UIC for the central and northern regions.

Todd Schultheis | Umpire-In-Chief


Todd Schultheis | Umpire-In-Chief


  • Learn rule changes, clarify rules and get your questions answered
  • Umpires will be able to pay sanction fees during the clinic

Click here to order USSSA Umpire Apparel.

SLOW PITCH umpires will be required to wear the following at ISP:

  • USSSA approved cap is the only approved cap in 2018. Alternatively, no cap is required when umpiring a league game.
  • USSSA approved Shirt or USSSA Jacket. Umpires may utilize any black, white or grey jacket with white, grey or black lettering as an alternative to the USSSA Jacket. A plain white, grey or black jacket with no lettering is acceptable.
  • USSSA approved Shorts with White or Black Socks. Umpires may utilized the Dickie black shorts as an alternative to NSA shorts.
  • Black Polyester pants with black socks. Note: Black jeans or sweat pants are NOT permitted.
  • Black belt with silver buckle
  • Black shoes. Some white on the shoe will be permitted but white shoes are NOT permitted.

FAST PITCH will utilized the same equipment with the following exceptions:

  • Shorts are NOT permitted.
  • Heather Gray or Charcoal Grey pants
  • USSSA Ball bag

USSSA Baseball apparel will utilize the IHSAA uniforms.

Click for the IHSAA apparel to be worn during USSSA tournaments or

1. Arrive at park 15 minutes prior to game time. If you are going to be later than 15 minutes prior to game time, call the park to let the manager on duty know.
2. Review your evening game assignments.
3. Secure controls for scoreboards and take the field to set up
4. Take the appropriate game balls to the field or check the balls if it’s a “bring your own ball” tournaments.
5. Be on the field 5 minutes prior to game time to cover ground rules with teams. Be sure to instruct teams to ‘hustle’ on and off the field in order to keep games on time.
6. After the game is complete, make sure the winning coach signs the scorecard.
7. At the end of the night or your assignment, lock the scoreboard cabinet, pick up any trash you may have left behind, return your score card to the Park Director and sign umpire voucher.

Indianapolis Sports Park requires all umpires to be sanctioned as an USSSA umpire for league play. You MUST register online and send your sanction fee to the appropriate UIC to get a sanction number. Once you have completed the online registration, you will receive a confirmation email instructing you where to mail your sanction fee. Once the sanction fee is received by the appropriate UIC, you will be emailed your sanction number. You may pay your sanction fee to the UIC (Todd Schultheis) directly during the local umpire meeting. Regardless, you must go online and register prior to paying your fee. Without the online registration, there is no record of your registration.

USSSA Sanction:

For information on sanctioning Indiana USSSA, contact Todd Schultheis.

If interested in Umpiring at Indianapolis Sports Park, please print the application, the Independent Contractor form, and W9 listed below and return to the main office once they are completed. Please take time to review the Umpire Policy Handbook and ISP’s local rules. Sanction Online for USSSA– Do this at the time you are hired. Must be sanctioned online to work at ISP.

Printable Umpire Application (2013 umpire application)

Independent Contractor Form

Umpire Policy Handbook

W9 Form 

Park Rules

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